Stone Properties has been looking after the interests of landlords and potential new sales clients for over 15 years. Having seen the changes brought about through the inception of Buy to Let, to the present day has even higher demands and expectations placed on landlords and management companies for property specifications and legal obligations.

Stone Properties has always met these changes and adapted to market demands as we are in this business as a unit. As the market has expanded through buy to let finance we have advised Landlords and new clients who want to sell on the best way to present their properties and make sure they are some of the best on the market for rentals and sales.

Our management service has enabled us to create a database of trustworthy and reliable tradesman who are available to us often at short notice to attend any property emergencies. Our comprehensive management service greatly benefits from this as do our tenants. It is this high level of service which keeps tenants happy in their rental properties. The peace of mind and giving the landlord a high occupancy rate has always been our goal.  

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